Moderation Guide





PROFILE ABUSES and Prohibited content

1.         Empty nickname

Ask the user to change

(Clear & block nick, if necessary)


2.         Abusive nickname or related to drug, sex

Clear and block nick


3.         Nick related to sexual orientation (gay, lesbian)

Ask the user to change

(Clear & block nick, if necessary)


4.         Multiple accounts with abusive nick + 0 score


Choudelice – If unavailable,

clear and block nick

5.         Multiple accounts (nicks are not abusive)


Choudelice – If unavailable,

kick multiple accounts

6.         Copying other user OR staff nickname

Ask the user to change

(Clear & block nick, if necessary)


7.         Abusive nickname in locked game


Choudelice – If unavailable

8.         Abusive profile picture

Remove avatar

If you can’t find the member

9.         Abusive motto

Clear and block motto


10.     Abusive profile video


FLOODING (same content more than 2 times in a row)

11.     Flooding emoticons



12.     Recidivism flooding emoticons

Disallow unlimited chat


13.     Flooding group ads

Disallow unlimited chat


14.     Recidivism Flooding group ads

Kick 1 day


15.     Flooding abuses

Block chat 30 days


16.     Flooding abuses with multiple 0 score accounts


Choudelice – If unavailable, block chat 30 days


17.     Ads external website – not WB group pages/website

Block chat 5 days + clear chat


18.     Ads phishing website for account stealing

Block chat 30 days + clear chat

Report ID to

Report the website to host

19.     Ads selling/buying accounts

Block chat 30 days + clear chat

EXPLICIT ABUSES and Prohibited content

20.     Name calling ie. dog, pig, cow, sheep, stupid, chicken, retarded, donkey, monkey, dumb, idiot, ridiculous, idiot,

Warn (Disallow Unlimited Chat if necessary)


21.     Publishing contact info ie. phone, skype

Block chat 1 day + clear chat


22.     Random abuses from user

Block chat 1 day


23.     Abuses from frequent abuser

Block chat 5 days


24.     Abusive video or adult content

Block chat 5 days + clear chat


25.     Abuse or hate speech towards a group, religion, country or race

Block chat 5 days + clear chat


26.     Recidivism Abuses (blocked return to abuse)

Block chat 30 days


27.     Cheating

Block chat 30 days


28.     Use of software to see invisible users (only if you can prove it)

Block chat 30 days

Choudelice AND


29.     Disrespecting another member

Warning + clear chat


30.     Recidivism disrespecting another member

Kick 15 mins + clear chat


31.     Provocations towards member

Warning + clear chat


32.     Recidivism provocation towards member

Kick 1 day + clear chat


33.     Aggressive disputes or debates

Warn - all concerned users


34.     Prolonged aggressive disputes or debates

Kick 15 mins - all concerned users


35.     Disrespecting any religion, country, group

Kick 1 day


36.     Sending PM to invisible users/mods

Kick 1 day

Choudelice, in case of recidivism

37.     Foreign language in national rooms (English is always allowed)

Warn verbally

(Kick if the warning is ignored)



38.     Provocations towards staff



39.     Repeated provocations towards staff

Kick 1 day


40.     Abuses towards staff

Block chat 30 days


This guide has been approved by management, BEHAVIORS NOT LISTED HERE PROBABLY DO NOT DESERVE ANY MODERATION ACTION. Therefore, any moderation action not listed here might lead to sanctions.

If you think that something is missing or unclear, let’s discuss it.