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  1. Time To Say Goodbye!

    Our darling @Choudelice. I am very sad to know this news. Since I met and joined Gamezer in 2010, you were the highest authority and always resolved the behavioral and administrative problems of Gamezer, so you are always the heart and the light of gzteam. We know that things change constantly and it would not be different with our Gzteam, in which thanks to you, I had the opportunity to participate as moderator for 4 long years. In this period, I could see several old and new moderators leaving the team and I always thought that it would be my turn to leave at any moment, too. As you said, "everything has an end", this is fact, but since you are saying that will not go anywhere, we will be here together with you to continue this coexistence and friendship provided by you to our great family called Gzteam. Always count on us in moments of joy and sadness, in health and illness, for all the days of your life. We love you and we'll go with you anywhere and if you leave, we'll leave together. Sincerely, Sailor. I leave here a simple homage of heart to you, my darling: Time To Say Goodbye

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