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GoM - Truth OR Dare


Ms. Delice

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March 1st - March 21st, 2020


This is an old party game, the gameplay is very simple: people get together and ask each other questions that must be answered honestly OR they are given challenges that they are obliged to perform. We'll adjust the game a little bit in an online version.



- Turn by turn, a truth or dare will be asked to the player by different members: we'll start with a "truth", then the next will be a dare by another member & so on.

- There is a 500/1000 AP penalty for each failed truth or dare challenge within 24 h

- For "truth", all kinds of questions are allowed, including personal questions

- For "dare", the challenges must be actions that can be performed online and/or without invading the player's privacy

- The "dare" can not involve real people (for example family members etc... NO)

- If you don't want to answer a "truth" = send 500 AP to the member who asked the question
- If you don't want to play a "dare" = send 1000 AP to the member who gave the dare



1 - Register REGISTER

2 - Reply to other players' topic by ask a "truth" or "dare"

3 - Be ready to answer any "truth" or "dare" asked by other members

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