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The headhunting game


Ms. Delice

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:hunter::hunter:HEADHUNTING GAME :bomb::bomb:

June 16th - June 24th


The principle of the game: name a "wanted" member that we must beat and offer a bounty.

One member will nominated a random member and offer a prize for it, and all members must try and beat the member get the prize and nominate another member + prize. Within 6 hours, the first person to win or the "wanted user" gets the prize.

Play here: https://www.gzteam.com/topic/188523-the-headhunting-game/


How to play:

1 - Member X nominates a "wanted user" with prize

2 - All members are allowed to play against the "wanted user" (any game)

3 - After playing (win or loss), members post screenshots

4 - The member who wins against the "wanted user" can nominate a new wanted user. If after 6 hours no one has won against the "wanted user", the wanted member gets the prize from Member X and can nominate a new user. If no one has played, the Member X or another member will have to nominate a new user.

5 - Repeat 1,2,3,4 until June 24th



- A member can only be nominated ONCE

- The wanted user must be online on Gamezer at the time of the nomination

- The prize can be anything virtual 

- After 6 hours, if no one has won, the prize will be awarded to the "wanted user" and the previous wanted user will nominate the next one. If no one has played, a new user will be nominated.

PS: You can inform the user that you have nominated him so that he stays in the room waiting for challengers.


How to nominate:

Post the wanted user's Gzteam username, User ID, Last seen on Gamezer time and room, Bounty (prize).


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