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3299_76244_1265652885.gif TOURNAMENT MIX - AP 3299_76244_1265652885.gif
3299_76244_1265652885.gif 8BALL,STRAIGHT POOL,9BALL,CAROM 3299_76244_1265652885.gif

3299_76244_1265652885.gif ROOM : GROUP ROOM "GZTEAM 4EVER"

3299_76244_1265652885.gif NUMBER OF PLAYERS : 16 PLAYERS

3299_76244_1265652885.gif GAME : TOURNAMENT MIX

3299_76244_1265652885.gif PLAY-OFF: SINGLE ELIMINATION

3299_76244_1265652885.gif DATE & TIME: Mon, Jun 7, 2021, at 20:00 GMT
3299_76244_1265652885.gif SPONSOR BY: @Jim Arnold Sanchez

3299_76244_1265652885.gif ORGANIZED BY : @I do not care

3299_76244_1265652885.gif Main rules : HERE

3299_76244_1265652885.gif PRIZES:

3299_76244_1265652885.gif WINNER : 5000 AP 

3299_76244_1265652885.gif 2nd place : 3000 AP

3299_76244_1265652885.gif 3rd place : 2000 AP 

3299_76244_1265652885.gif 4th place : 1000 AP

3299_76244_1265652885.gif 5th-16th place : 500 AP


3299_76244_1265652885.gif REGISTRATION :

3299_76244_1265652885.gif Open the tournament topic : https://www.gzteam.com/forum/29-gzt-tournaments/

3299_76244_1265652885.gif Reply with your Nickname + ID  

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