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Event details

Date:                             Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 20:00 GMT

Number of players:      8-32 players

Room:                            GZTEAM 4EVER

Game:                            Combination Pool

Type:                              Double Elimination, 2 Wins, NO SPIN, EXPRESS MODE (Optional)

Rules:                            Click here


Additional rules:

- All games must be played from mobile devices only

- At the time of the tournament make sure to disable "Do not show my device type to others" from the game settings https://i.imgur.com/pZoDkCH.png

- No screen sharing required



Winner: 1000 AP

2nd: 750 AP

3rd: 500 AP

4th: 250 AP

5th-32th: 100 AP


Post a reply to this topic with ID and Nickname for registration


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