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💎 8-BALL- Premium tournament 💎 (offline )


Event details

ROOM:                               Any Room (Offline)


GAME:                                8-ball

PLAY-OFF:                         SIMPLE ELIMINATION

DATE & TIME:                   Sunday, 08.09.2019                        19:00 GMT 


ORGANIZED BY:              @Florin  @Choudelice



WINNER:    2000 GM       + one month  VIP-MEMBER     

2nd place: 1500 GM        + 10.000 AP

3rd place:  1200 GM       +   5.000 AP

4th place:  1000 GM        +  2.000 AP


5-16th participants: 500 GM each



Click on "Register

The registration is free for VIP members, if you're not a VIP member, 5000 AP will be deducted from your balance.

PS: please make sure the "Nickname" and "WinZbro ID" are correctly filled in your profile (non-transferable GM will be sent to the registered ID only)

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Thunder Boy


Nickname: Thunder Boy

WinZbro ID: 06467ee16104d6dec83d3440

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Nickname: HEART ❤ OF IRON

WinZbro ID: fef36a3991bd8a4473d2b0b7

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Posted (edited)

Filiz vs QUİET  

i win not quiet

Filiz win

Edited by Filiz
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Thunder Boy


@GoldenGlitter i have been waited so long long for you... Now my time is 2:40 Am ... We will play tomorrow.. and i will available from 16:00 GMT to 19:00GMT... please post your free time.. so i can make my time free to play with you

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BA Sena


Who will be my opponent i will be able to play tomorrow night after 17:30 GMT when i back from job :girl_pinkglassesf: 

Good night to all

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@One piece
Where are you?
Also I waited you for a long time. We have to play tomorrow.

I will be available most of the day.
Please replay with your free time, so we can meet and play.

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@Delafaille SR I'm ready to challenge you, tell me an hour. I am available until 16: 00gmt. 

Room: Kosovo or you can choose a room.

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