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💎 PYRAMID- Vip tournament 💎


Event details


ROOM :                              Romania


GAME:                                PYRAMID

PLAY-OFF:                         SIMPLE ELIMINATION

DATE & TIME:                   Saturday, 19.10.2019       19:00 GMT 


Organizer :                            @LUNASCAPE

Supervisor :                          @LUNASCAPE

SPONSOR  :                                 @Florin

RULES  :        


 For any mistake or inconvenience , I reserve the right to eliminate the player.  There is a risk that this player will NOT be accept in of my tournements ever again, without any justification .


WINNER:        2000 GM     + Vip Membership

2nd place:     1500 GM     

3rd place:     1000 GM 

And I'm asking everyone to bring a rose for my beautiful Ali or I will cancel the tournament, 🤣🤣🤣

Any participant that comes with roses, will receive 100AP .





Recommended Comments

  @LUNASCAPE @GoldenGlitter @RAED @SHR3K @I do not care @NADINE @Filiz @Delafaille SR @Retaj @HEMN @One piece 

  1. SHR3K                             cae1c9583561c1b007b17dd1              100AP         2000GM    VipMembership
   2. GoldenGlitter                 8ff076686a9999da8f9bcdc2                 100AP         1500GM
   3. One piece                       458106aa5d2cddc465656148              100AP         1000GM
   4. HEMN                             1a787237814f0e5e195b3146               100AP
   6. NADINE                           16cce86055cd42acb34b14a2               100AP
   0. RAED                                absent
   7. Delafaille SR                    44193a189f7f70dcf4a99ca0                 100AP
   8. Filiz                                   fa1d02b4b66197b746b3e99b               100AP
   9. I do not care                    ac8d8b315c38917f7a8d6c72                100AP
 10. Retaj                                 59e00dda1fd26adb3db40925               100AP

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