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GZT News GZTEAM Upgrade!

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Ms. Delice

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3 hours ago, I do not care said:

@Choudelice The report has been shown on the home page
@Asoom told me that too

Should be fixed, please check


3 hours ago, Retaj said:

I noticed that points AP Do not add  After the publication of abuse reports

They are added only after processing the report


3 hours ago, I do not care said:

The icon shape in tournaments has become one color

Yes, it is normal for now


3 hours ago, NOOR said:

There 's no contact methods or profile information In profile

Will check that, thank you!


3 hours ago, sawa said:

The tournaments section does not appear on the home page

Click on "WinZbro Competitions"


2 hours ago, I do not care said:

When you click the Quizzes topic
This appears ,I also think it does not work

Fixed, thanks


2 hours ago, HEART said:

when  i click to add video  cant   i think it does not work

Will fix, thank you


2 hours ago, DeepOcean said:

Should be fixed now; thank you



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  • .Founder
16 minutes ago, SAAD said:

Hello @Choudelice, I hope our contributions have helped to upgrade our site together.

Thank you for your donation 👍


16 minutes ago, SAAD said:

While when I was looking around the forum, I checked the store items, and I found something new and it showed something wrong when I went into. Proofs are below.


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