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After the "Hand Selfie" challenge, we now have a new space on the forum for similar sharing.

REAL LIFE TAGS is a new dedicated area for sharing real-life moments.. 

Do not hesitate to share anything fun, cute, surprising, scary.... anything is welcome as long as it is real and not taken from the internet!


1 - The tag "Gzteam + date" must be used when taking the picture or recording (not added after with image/video editor).

After taking the picture or video you may edit it as you like!

2 - The tag topics will be automatically closed after 24hours

3 - The comments posted in the tag topic must be relevant. For example, if someone is sharing a garden, you may reply by commenting on the picture/videos OR  comment with your own pictures/videos related to gardenvery important

4 - Girls - don't share too many shoes 🤣
5 - Boys - We don't want to see your car 😏
For privacy, you are recommended to hide any content/information that you do not wish to disclose to the public. Remember that this is a public forum and any verified Gzteam member can access it.





Are you ready ?? Click below for your first sharing!

real life.gif


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