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Hello @snow,

Welcome to GZTeam.comI hope and wish you to have the best experience with us.


First steps to make on GZTeam.com:

 Verify attached Winzbro ID to your GZTeam account.

Tutorial: https://www.gzteam.com/tutorials/article/42-☘-how-to-verify-your-winzbro-id-☘/



 Take a look over our ENTERTEINMENT section, here you can find a lot of stuff like Forum Games, GZTeam Tournaments, Duels and Challanges and much more.

And if there's ever a problem, don't hesitate to look for a solution in the SUPPORT ZONE section.

Also u can check GZTEAM STORE, where u can buy a lot of stuff like memberships (VIP, Premium, Plus) and much more.


For any problem, contact any staff member and you'll be attended as fast as possible.

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