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How to find games on BGA

Ms. Choudelice

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1 - Click on "Games"bga.png


2 - Adjust the filters to find whatever you need



(1) If you already know few board games, you may search them by name, some are probably available there.

(2) For a beginner, It would be best to first try the 2-players game, you'd avoid confusion and maybe get lucky to play against someone who is willing to teach you

(3) You can choose to play quick games or long games

(4) You can choose easy game to difficult games: core = most difficult or complicated rules, abstract = easy or simple rules

(5) If you don't want to use the filters, you may just select any category criterion and it will display all games grouped by selected criterion, you may also or hide/show the games that you already tried. You may also combine filters + category.. Good search!


3 - Choose an interesting game and click "play this game now" G8yAsbK.png

TIP: Read/Watch the tutorial before playing if you want to play directly without asking someone to teach you OR play in training mode.

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