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GZTEAM Group on Gamezer.com

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Ms. Delice

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Regardless it was my proposal since 2016 and it was rejected, maybe because you hate boys and are waiting for a proposal from a girl.
I think that you should think of a logo for the group like GZT / GT=gzteam or IHG= We hate girls or WLB= Boys Boys Boys ''We Love Them"  ect...

the GZTteam as a WZ group is very different as a forume ( Reminds me of the old CG GROUP), i will  be back soon, and don't ask me when because I don't know  maybe after worldcup time

 i follow the forum from afar by phone but when I finish the work/papers/studies. that suddenly comes to me, I have a lot of things/ideas/money 😛 to do as a member of gzteam.

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