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New item in the ZPoints inventory

For those who do not know it yet, discover a new feature called "Game Privacy".

  • Disallow spectators for your current game
  • Also allows to eject the spectators of the game.
  • It is also a game locking feature, now available for solo games.

You will find this feature in the WinZbro inventory for 800 ZP.

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Updated the policy of Invisible users

The policy of Invisible users on GameZer has been updated:
Please keep in mind that:
- Invisible user can be present in the Room even if you don't see the information about such user.
- Your user ID can be revealed when you chat, invite or enter the Game Room to play or watch the game

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How to make GM transferable purchased with PayPal?

If you purchase GM with PayPal you may want to make your GM transferrable.

Once your purchase is complete, check email that is registered with your PayPal account and find a Gamezer Payment Verification link.

Follow that link to verify the order and make your GM transferrable.

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Make your orders with a lot of easy and convenient payment methods:

QIWI (Киви)
Яндекс - Банковская карта
Яндекс - Наличными
Яндекс Деньги
Банк Русский Стандарт
Почта России
Банковский перевод
Red Link - Argentina
Pago Fácil - Argentina
Rapi Pago - Argentina
Tarjeta Naranja - Argentina
Efecty - Colombia
PSE - Colombia
Davivienda - Colombia
Almacenes Exito - Colombia
Baloto - Colombia
Banco de Occidente - Colombia
Carulla - Colombia
EDEQ - Colombia
Surtimax - Colombia
Redpagos - Uruguay
Banco do Brasil - Brazil
Cartão MercadoLivre - Brazil
Banco Itaú - Brazil
Boleto Bancário - Brazil
Banco Bradesco - Brazil
HSBC - Brazil
Caixa - Brazil
Santander Bank - Brazil
BBVA Bancomer - Mexico
Banamex - Mexico
Santander Bank - Mexico
OXXO - Mexico
Banco de Chile - Chile
WebPay Plus - Chile
Servipag - Chile
Presto - Chile
CMR - Chile
Santander - Chile
Myclear FPX - Malaysia
Hong Leong - Malaysia
Maybank2u - Malaysia
CIMB Clicks - Malaysia
Affin Bank - Malaysia
Am Online - Malaysia
RHB Now - Malaysia
Webcash - Malaysia
7-Eleven - Malaysia
Esapay - Malaysia
Epay - Malaysia
eNets - Singapore
SAM by SingPost - Singapore
ATMVA - Indonesia
Nganluong - Vietnam
Dragonpay - Philippines
Paysbuy - Thailand
Polipayment - Australia
Polipayment - New Zealand
Alipay - China
Tenpay - China
Unionpay - China

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Upgrading Servers on Gamezer:

We're upgrading our servers to improve the performance and scalability of our services. During a few days some game rooms may become temporarily unavailable, but only for a few minutes. Let us know if anything goes wrong and you experience difficulties with the game access.

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About Groups:

- Group owners may need to re-enable their Group rooms. Go to Groups -> Gamezer -> Click each of your rooms and "Apply".
- Now it is possible to remove password from your Group and let anyone join it with the Group name only.
- Also we changed the way how Groups can be created. Now it is free but only for those who made at least one payment.

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Latest Changes:

- New Top 100 and the best players of the last day and month. Since now all inactive players will be taken out from the Top 100 if no any game was played during the month.
- Increased daily limit of ZP earnings. Now it is 150 ZP.
- Gamezer Super Game will bring 15 ZP to a winner of the first round, but only if both players are premiums.
- Round history added.
- More games in the history.
- Minor changes and bug fixes.

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About recovering security question:


Now it is possible to recover your security question at https://www.winzbro.com/en/account/security
Click "Change security question" -> "Forgot your security question?"
A special Security Code will be sent to your email address. Use this code as an answer to change your security question. If you don't see this email, check your Spam or Junk folder. 
If you have Trusted Mode enabled this option will be available for trusted devices only.

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Gamezer in Mobile Devices:


Did you know that Gamezer can be used as an application on your mobile device? Just one simple step:


iOS (iPhone, iPad) - Tap the Share button on the browser's toolbar. That's the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward. Tap the "Add to Home Screen" icon in the Share menu.


Android - Tap the menu button and tap "Add to Home screen".


Windows - Tap the More (…) button and tap "Pin to Start" in the menu that appears.

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Chess is finally available!






Gamezer Games:


Now all Gamezer games are available at: www.gamezer.com/game
- 14 Billiards games
- Classic Chess game
- 3 types of Checkers


For all these games:
- Top 100 charts and statistics
- Best players of the day and month
- Ability to record and share your games
- A lot of fun!



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